Andreys, you have done it again! Seeing your work in the past, my wife and I were excited to have you host our wedding. Ultimately, we can say with absolute confidence that we could NOT have done it without you guys!

You brought life to the wedding and made it very entertaining! Thank you and thank you! We definitely recommend your services to everyone!
— Sam & Jess (Sacramento, CA)

Both of the Andreys were amazing! They hosted our wedding in Portland, Oregon. All of our friends and family that attended our wedding said that it was by far the most fun wedding they had been to. My wife and I recommend them very highly to host any event - not just weddings! If you want your event fun, they will tailor it to your desire. They were flexible and easy to work with. Thank you guys.
— Val & Lily (Portland, OR)

Andreys went above and beyond my expectations. We had little time to plan for our wedding but when we met them they had a list of ideas and even helped with coordinating and planning. It was such a relief. My guests loved them, they were thoroughly entertained the whole night.
— Vazgen & Marina (Sacramento, CA)

I absolutely have no words to say on how amazing our wedding was because of TheAndreys. From the beginning they were so easy and fun to work with even though we are from Washington and they are from Cali and they took care of every detail. They set the perfect mood for the wedding: romantic, fun, and energetic. They got everyone in the crowd involved and most importantly they made us feel special and the center of attention. The vibe was so amazing that towards the end no one wanted to leave!! The wedding wouldn’t have been the same without them. TheAndreys truly gave us the wedding of our dreams and the best day of our lives!
— Mariana & Vlad (Bellingham, WA)

I knew I was going to ask the Andreys to host my wedding long before I met my husband. I went to one of my best friends wedding in San Francisco many moons ago and it was literally the most relaxed, fun, involved wedding I’ve ever been to. 5 years later I was proposed to by the man of my dreams and remembered to call up these AMAZING guys and ask them to set up our ambiance.
Not disappointed. Worth every single penny. I can with 100% certainty say that they are amazing. They made our entire bridal party feel special and found ways to make all of our guests feel involved. Most importantly they made us feel like super stars :)))
They give great advice, are super open to every idea, and overall an amazing pair to work with.
— Jack & Tanya (Sacramento, CA)

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— Damian, Mexico

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— Nicola, Colombia